Minimalist houses a different lifestyle


When we talk about minimalism we mean , generally, to reduce something only to essentials, stripping it of any remaining element , ie , it is the tendency to reduce to essentials. Without having more things than only is needed, this is the concept of minimalist homes or minimalist in general.

The minimalist houses have been seen as a decorating style with a more open attitude closed. Originally minimalist architecture was created with the idea of getting a model and design that is universal and simple, and be honest in the use of materials and structures.


But mostly , these minimalist homes are characterized by the idea about the purity of the forms and the almost total absence of ornamentation , basing the concept of aesthetics and decoration only in the correct use of proportions and the exquisite elegance of the materials used , always finished off with high accuracy in the details, giving a touch of luxury , pleasant and essential to properly live.


We can add that minimal shows a corrected version and extreme rationalism and abstraction , as we said the tendency to reduce to essentials.

Check out some: Minimalist houses in the Riviera Maya.

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