Internet: the new king of real estate

interntet the new king
The technology boom has come to the property sector, facilitating buying and selling property and requiring constant updating by real estate agents. The current economic situation has made the sector the sale of property has had to change its earlier assumptions, especially as regards the way to appeal to potential buyers. In this sense, if a few years ago the buyer ‘type’ was a householder about to have her first child, now prevail savers between 35 and 45 years, who prefer to pay cash without ‘entrapping’ on a mortgage .


It has also changed the way these buyers have to find properties that interest them, according to information from Empredices portal. Companies in the real estate segment must therefore be attentive to this paradigm shift. A new scenario in which not enough to advertise an asset to leave it to the actors of the transaction (buyer and seller) those who are responsible for everything that follows. In this line are emerging, also new projects that combine the immediacy of network access with personalized attention demanded by more own online customers to date of the traditional estate agents.


Thus, the supply of real estate portals have recently joined in large projects for buying and selling. These real estate online platforms, not only allows owners to advertise and advertise your property and real estate but also is responsible for conducting subsequent formalities necessary (scripts, support for mortgage financing, changes headlines supplies, processing payment taxes, etc …).

A more than possible niche market for these companies is also in the section of the Apps for mobile devices. In this regard, recent studies established that around 4 in 10 people accessing online portals sale of property already do from their tablets or smartphones.

Customization, administrative advice, immediacy and mobility. It seems that on these four principles will have to settle the offering real estate services in Internet companies over the coming years, in which the market upturn is expected.

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