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Playa del Carmen

Located in the heart of the Rivera Maya gets its name from the Mayan word ” Xaman Ha ” which means ” Water of the North” , Playa del Carmen is a cultural city, full of varied and vibrant marine life. Fifth Avenue is the street most visited by domestic and foreign tourists . It is located just steps from the beach and is about four kilometers long ; It is a very picturesque safe pedestrian route , a bohemian style, full of cushy positions meal where you eat very rich and varied , and where , at night , we can find very entertaining bars and clubs to have a good time with friends.


During the eighties , Playa del Carmen was a small community that had a handful of hot hotels and some tourist services. However , gradually it began to fill with adventurers , travelers, and entrepreneurs began to move forward and give you that boost that I needed the city to become what it is today , one of the most important tourist centers of the Riviera Maya and one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to live.

Playa del Carmen Playa

The cultural diversity of Playa del Carmen can be seen in the premises of the House of Culture , as well as in the Ceiba , where pictorial , sculptural and craft exhibitions are presented , Park workshops literature, painting , music, dance are performed , theater and many more , for the entire population . It is an excellent place to invest in the future ( Real Estate in Playa del Carmen) , due to its rapid growth, the tranquility , the development of culture and why not ? the beautiful beaches that adorn it . Whether visiting or as a permanent destination , you can not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful resor.


Cancun; place of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, magical nights under the serene sound of the sea and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you can imagine.
This city offers to travelers and residents the best of the Mexican Caribbean in modern and ancient times. It is one of the favorite beach destinations in the world and a home to dream in which you will want to stay for the rest of your life.
Place of adventure, mysticism and peace of mind.
It is full of cultural variety, natural treasures, recreational activities and the best amenities even for the most demanding lifestyles.
The night life is very active and offer a unique experience to deliver you from all worries, there is also a wide variety of events that allow you to enjoy something different every night.
The entertainment is the order of the day, in this place you’ll never find yourself with nothing to do, its beautiful beaches, its archaeological sites nearby or a city exit, you have the best of both worlds
Cancun is a city cosmopolitan that due to its development so accelerated has provoked a mixture rich of inhabitants with different cultures of various regions of Mexico and of the world. Is a place very friendly with those aliens.
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Just a few minutes from Playa del Carmen is the island of Cozumel. Cozumel reach is possible by two means: international or from the ferry across from Playa del Carmen airport. The third largest island and the second most populous country comes from the limestone reefs , reason has an endless number of these ; the crystalline turquoise of its waters has become one of the best and most famous destinations for diving as much as for amateurs and professionals.

puerto cozumel

It has a variety of restaurants , souvenir shops , boutiques and cafes that you can enjoy any time of day. The boardwalk is a great place to walk or run , in this place you can admire a variety of sculptures and monuments and even buy some Mayan crafts stores nearby. It is an experience both day and night and can enjoy the tranquility of the island in addition to fill with all that culture that preserve both .


The tourist park Chankanaab and Faro Celerain are the most recognized when it comes to observe marine life ; thanks to its shallow waters allow you to make snorkeling even if you’re a novice. But you can also appreciate other forms cozumel because it has jungle tours , walks through botanical gardens , swim with dolphins and visiting turtle sanctuaries.


Despite being a highly visited tourist center does not lose its tranquility and peace , it is a place where you can enjoy some peaceful days and restful sleep but also has the ability to offer the most magnificent adventures. It is not only a great place to vacation but also the ideal place to live as it grows day by day but keeps those roots and culture, its people try so hard to preserve place .

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Isla Mujeres is a small island that is located in the Caribbean Mexico sea, the water is clear and warm , there is abundant marine life, reefs and caves, and is the perfect place to spend a weekend to relax or go adventurous with your friends.

Arriving first that you find is with the abundant supply of walks around the island in these small boats offer to take you to different parts of the beach where you can feed the marine life, visit some archaeological sites and enjoy a good meal at the edge of the beach. They have a high cost so it’s a good choice to spend the day if you have no ITINERARY . If you want to discover for yourself the wonders of Isla Mujeres , the best thing is renting a golf cart (which is transportation most used by tourists and home of Island women because of the short distances they have to cross ) with this you can move with ease from one point to another island and comes in good use when you want to visit more than one beach or a place on the same day .


The main street of Isla Mujeres crosses much of the center and is lined with restaurants , bars , craft shops and other businesses that are joined Bohemians pretty entertaining show at night; you can enjoy a quiet walk and find some souvenirs to take home with you .


Although Isla Mujeres is a small island in recent years has grown surprisingly , you may notice in the commercial growth that has occurred in the central area. The city houses shops, restaurants , bars , brightly painted houses and the Municipal Square that have been built respecting their natural surroundings and tranquility that gives this paradise. Isla Mujeres is not only a place to visit as a tourist, local resident also enjoy a quiet life away from the stress of big cities and a very pleasant place where his own people makes coexistence is amazing . Remember Isla Mujeres is a place of high value if you are interested in buying a house, if you want to, visit: Cancun Real Estate




Living in the Riviera Maya is something that everyone should d


Riviera Maya is the known part between Puerto Morelos and Tulum , maybe a little beyond Tulum. The Riviera Maya has wonderful earthly paradises as those just mentioned are Puerto Morelos and Tulum and also many others such as Playa del Carmen , Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, among others. Puerto Morelos is basically the gateway to the Riviera Maya and is in the middle of Cancun and Playa del Carmen , making it a perfect place to live in tranquility just 20 minutes from both cities. Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village that has become gradually more touristy and today already has the services necessary to lead a quiet life .


On the other hand Tulum could be considered the last part of the Riviera Maya where after you will find the Costa Maya . Tulum is well known for their huts on the beach , where you’ll find all kinds . Tulum is a small town that tries to keep the local and sustainable with its people. It is an ideal place to be away from civilization , as though it has all the necessary services , is far from being a city with much daily hubbub


Playa del Carmen is also part of the Riviera Maya and several say this is the gateway to the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is a cosmopolitan city full of life where people choose to live here enjoy sunny afternoons on the beautiful beaches full of tourists from all over the world and Fifth Avenue with all its bars and cafes. Buying in Puerto Aventuras. Apart from all these places, live in the Riviera Maya is like living in a permanent vacation, as you have on hand all kinds of tourist attractions to start is obviously the beach, you can enjoy almost at the point you encounter the Riviera Maya. We also have countless cenotes along the Riviera and the Route of the Cenotes of Puerto Morelos. You will find natural parks to visit for the whole family or adrenaline as are Xcaret, Xel-Ha, woodsy, among others. For that and more, you have no excuses not to come and live in the Riviera Maya Where in the Riviera Maya you like to live?

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servicios de una inmobilaria

When starting the search for a property it is necessary to know the services that a Real Estate Agency offers services and between a property must offer the following .

Notarial management.

Gestion notorial

Is management procedures that are performed at public institutions ( such as the Public Registry of Property and Commerce ) , also judicial , administrative , consular , housing and everything related to private initiative.

Property management .

Administracion de inmuebles

Property Management provides customers with efficient methods improve its financial results , customer service support and improve productivity .

Legal advice.

asesoria legal

It is responsible for providing legal information to those who need it for the resolution of issues that have to do with the enforcement of laws , rules and regulations in any matter of law.

Mortgage credit management .

gestion de credito hipotecario

Mortgage credit offers several destinations where you can use your credit line.   

Acquisition : Buying a new or used housing or urban terrain . Under this destination home acquisition you can make use of the schemes currently Infonavit has in the market .  

Liquidity: Mortgage on a new or used housing or urban terrain in order to obtain resources. At this location the rate increases for VAT.     The base rate is fixed for Liquidity of 15.00 %.    

Mortgage Replacing : Transfer of mortgage debt currently has contracted with another bank or Sofol .    Remodeling and Construction: The resources obtained through credit are intended to remodel or build the property pledged as collateral . If you want to buy a home or build their own urban terrero and take advantage of employer contributions to Infonavit , you can use this scheme .

Sale and rental properties .

venta y renta de inmuebles

Administration in the sale and rental of your property so people are delivered , in very good condition , charging monthly rent and management of services required.

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Puerto Cancún Marina

Sky Cancun is a luxury residential complex located in Puerto Cancun, the best tourism development in Latin America with 327 hectares with golf course , marina with navigation channels , Lake , Beach Club , residences, restaurants , and 2 kilometers of virgin beach.


Puerto Cancun has been strategically designed to be near the city and in the hotel zone , within reach of everything that is needed to live comfortably with the best of nature and recreation.

Puerto Cancún

Its navy is the largest of its kind because it has the capacity to receive more than 330 boats from 200 feet and has direct access to the Caribbean Sea.

Puerto Cancún Marina

The golf course of 18 holes, par 72, was designed by Tom Weiskopf, with extraordinary views of the turquoise sea, which protrude narrow fairways, lakes and traps and the spectacular 18th hole in the middle of an island.


SKY CANCUN is the best residential complex that offers more amenities than any other development, and large terraces, making it the best place that you were dreaming to live.
The project consists of two luxury towers, with 16 floors respectively, making a total of 174 condominiums, being made up as follows:

  • Basement: Ample parking with elevator and lobbies for each individual cellars of the owners.
  • Ground Floor: Here are the services and amenities.
  • departments plant levels 1 to 16.

Each condo has an elevator to the door to allow direct access, balconies and terraces overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the golf course and the city of Cancun.


SKY CANCUN offers more amenities than any other development. Extraordinary and luxurious leisure facilities, making daily life a lifestyle you’ve ever experienced.

– infinity pool for general use
– solariums
– infinity pool for adults with swimming channel
– Wading pool and sandpit
– Outdoor children’s area with games
– Kids club
– Hall of youth
– Cinema
– 2 Meeting events
– lounge Bar
– gyms
– Spa for Men with Jacuzzi, steam, massage cabin, showers.
– Women’s Spa with Jacuzzi, steam, massage cabin, showers.
– Tennis court
– Two tennis paddle
– Multipurpose court.
– Quick soccer field.
– Business center
– Area bathrooms
– Motor lobby
– Lobby
– Administration
– Covered parking
– Storage Area
– lift Lifts
– Guest Parking
– Porch with guardhouse at the entrance feathers




interntet the new king
The technology boom has come to the property sector, facilitating buying and selling property and requiring constant updating by real estate agents. The current economic situation has made the sector the sale of property has had to change its earlier assumptions, especially as regards the way to appeal to potential buyers. In this sense, if a few years ago the buyer ‘type’ was a householder about to have her first child, now prevail savers between 35 and 45 years, who prefer to pay cash without ‘entrapping’ on a mortgage .


It has also changed the way these buyers have to find properties that interest them, according to information from Empredices portal. Companies in the real estate segment must therefore be attentive to this paradigm shift. A new scenario in which not enough to advertise an asset to leave it to the actors of the transaction (buyer and seller) those who are responsible for everything that follows. In this line are emerging, also new projects that combine the immediacy of network access with personalized attention demanded by more own online customers to date of the traditional estate agents.


Thus, the supply of real estate portals have recently joined in large projects for buying and selling. These real estate online platforms, not only allows owners to advertise and advertise your property and real estate but also is responsible for conducting subsequent formalities necessary (scripts, support for mortgage financing, changes headlines supplies, processing payment taxes, etc …).

A more than possible niche market for these companies is also in the section of the Apps for mobile devices. In this regard, recent studies established that around 4 in 10 people accessing online portals sale of property already do from their tablets or smartphones.

Customization, administrative advice, immediacy and mobility. It seems that on these four principles will have to settle the offering real estate services in Internet companies over the coming years, in which the market upturn is expected.

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When we talk about minimalism we mean , generally, to reduce something only to essentials, stripping it of any remaining element , ie , it is the tendency to reduce to essentials. Without having more things than only is needed, this is the concept of minimalist homes or minimalist in general.

The minimalist houses have been seen as a decorating style with a more open attitude closed. Originally minimalist architecture was created with the idea of getting a model and design that is universal and simple, and be honest in the use of materials and structures.


But mostly , these minimalist homes are characterized by the idea about the purity of the forms and the almost total absence of ornamentation , basing the concept of aesthetics and decoration only in the correct use of proportions and the exquisite elegance of the materials used , always finished off with high accuracy in the details, giving a touch of luxury , pleasant and essential to properly live.


We can add that minimal shows a corrected version and extreme rationalism and abstraction , as we said the tendency to reduce to essentials.

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