Meet Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


Isla Mujeres is a small island that is located in the Caribbean Mexico sea, the water is clear and warm , there is abundant marine life, reefs and caves, and is the perfect place to spend a weekend to relax or go adventurous with your friends.

Arriving first that you find is with the abundant supply of walks around the island in these small boats offer to take you to different parts of the beach where you can feed the marine life, visit some archaeological sites and enjoy a good meal at the edge of the beach. They have a high cost so it’s a good choice to spend the day if you have no ITINERARY . If you want to discover for yourself the wonders of Isla Mujeres , the best thing is renting a golf cart (which is transportation most used by tourists and home of Island women because of the short distances they have to cross ) with this you can move with ease from one point to another island and comes in good use when you want to visit more than one beach or a place on the same day .


The main street of Isla Mujeres crosses much of the center and is lined with restaurants , bars , craft shops and other businesses that are joined Bohemians pretty entertaining show at night; you can enjoy a quiet walk and find some souvenirs to take home with you .


Although Isla Mujeres is a small island in recent years has grown surprisingly , you may notice in the commercial growth that has occurred in the central area. The city houses shops, restaurants , bars , brightly painted houses and the Municipal Square that have been built respecting their natural surroundings and tranquility that gives this paradise. Isla Mujeres is not only a place to visit as a tourist, local resident also enjoy a quiet life away from the stress of big cities and a very pleasant place where his own people makes coexistence is amazing . Remember Isla Mujeres is a place of high value if you are interested in buying a house, if you want to, visit: Cancun Real Estate



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