Meet Playa del Carmen , Mexico .

Playa del Carmen

Located in the heart of the Rivera Maya gets its name from the Mayan word ” Xaman Ha ” which means ” Water of the North” , Playa del Carmen is a cultural city, full of varied and vibrant marine life. Fifth Avenue is the street most visited by domestic and foreign tourists . It is located just steps from the beach and is about four kilometers long ; It is a very picturesque safe pedestrian route , a bohemian style, full of cushy positions meal where you eat very rich and varied , and where , at night , we can find very entertaining bars and clubs to have a good time with friends.


During the eighties , Playa del Carmen was a small community that had a handful of hot hotels and some tourist services. However , gradually it began to fill with adventurers , travelers, and entrepreneurs began to move forward and give you that boost that I needed the city to become what it is today , one of the most important tourist centers of the Riviera Maya and one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to live.

Playa del Carmen Playa

The cultural diversity of Playa del Carmen can be seen in the premises of the House of Culture , as well as in the Ceiba , where pictorial , sculptural and craft exhibitions are presented , Park workshops literature, painting , music, dance are performed , theater and many more , for the entire population . It is an excellent place to invest in the future ( Real Estate in Playa del Carmen) , due to its rapid growth, the tranquility , the development of culture and why not ? the beautiful beaches that adorn it . Whether visiting or as a permanent destination , you can not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful resor.

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