Real estate services

servicios de una inmobilaria

When starting the search for a property it is necessary to know the services that a Real Estate Agency offers services and between a property must offer the following .

Notarial management.

Gestion notorial

Is management procedures that are performed at public institutions ( such as the Public Registry of Property and Commerce ) , also judicial , administrative , consular , housing and everything related to private initiative.

Property management .

Administracion de inmuebles

Property Management provides customers with efficient methods improve its financial results , customer service support and improve productivity .

Legal advice.

asesoria legal

It is responsible for providing legal information to those who need it for the resolution of issues that have to do with the enforcement of laws , rules and regulations in any matter of law.

Mortgage credit management .

gestion de credito hipotecario

Mortgage credit offers several destinations where you can use your credit line.   

Acquisition : Buying a new or used housing or urban terrain . Under this destination home acquisition you can make use of the schemes currently Infonavit has in the market .  

Liquidity: Mortgage on a new or used housing or urban terrain in order to obtain resources. At this location the rate increases for VAT.     The base rate is fixed for Liquidity of 15.00 %.    

Mortgage Replacing : Transfer of mortgage debt currently has contracted with another bank or Sofol .    Remodeling and Construction: The resources obtained through credit are intended to remodel or build the property pledged as collateral . If you want to buy a home or build their own urban terrero and take advantage of employer contributions to Infonavit , you can use this scheme .

Sale and rental properties .

venta y renta de inmuebles

Administration in the sale and rental of your property so people are delivered , in very good condition , charging monthly rent and management of services required.

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